Multidimensional Learning Space

Multidimensional Learning Space

Multi-Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) is a during-school and after-school program that provides multi-dimensional learning opportunities for school children to explore, experiment, discover, and learn in multiple ways. MDLS also provides students exposure to a wide variety of areas beyond the school curriculum. Here Learning is not restricted to a curriculum. It should extend to help holistic and balanced development of a child. According to the 2018 data, India’s literacy rate is at 74.04% Tripura has achieved a literacy rate of 94.65% and Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82% Youth Literacy rate age between(15-24) is 92%, 70% of children study in Government sector And 50% of students are dropout after 10. Get the Info graphic view of Multi-Dimensional Learning Space. Multidimensional learning space Source From :- India Literacy Project

Activities Our platform is an open platform for children where they express their ideas on science, social science, arts and computers and to grow in all fields not only studies but in extra curricular activities, where they exude confidence, learn by listening and doing, where they inspired to do new things, Teachers teach in ways more than one, Teachers Train teachers on alternate methods of teaching, creating lesson plans, managing classrooms better , school management software and more, Career Counseling Explain the various career options available both in their local economy and outside and also encouraged to choose careers that embrace and enhance local economies. We provide all type of courses in our multidimensional learning Space.

Key aspects Along with we also provide Smart Classroom Setup Infrastructure (laptop, projector, speakers, digital content and experiment kits) for visual/experiential learning, Low cost Science/Math Kit Provide every school with a low cost lab created using every day materials to teach math, science, Virtual Learning Spaces, Improve reading levels though a unique library program. We also organize Inter-school competitions to provide a platform for hands on projects and cross school learning.

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