Business Vs Job

Many time we come across the same question if I should enter in business or should I continue my fixed salary job.

Answer to this question depends upon many facts but some of them I am trying to list down.

Are you willing to take the risk in your career, as keep it noted business may not succeed and you will get a complete failure as well as a setback? How well are you financially settled and what is your settle down period? Less the settle down period, more are the chances to lead to close down it soon. How good you are handling people, managing their problems, taking challenges in life and be confident enough to ensure it will be fixed by you. Who are your partners and how trustworthy are they, as any business stands on pillars and if any one pillar is weak you will collide independent of how well or strong other pillars are. Are you sure about area/domain where you are doing business is currently trending, or you will be able to succeed in that? There is no point selling ice in Himalaya or selling sand in the desert. How well versed you are with the skills required to manage that business? What is the source of leads to run that business and what are sources for your raw material? In other words, what are options for clients and what are options for vendors? Do you have the right combination of people in your plan to run the business? If answers to most of the above questions are yes, congratulations you are ready to run your own venture. But still it is not yet done, there is a long way to go. We need to find out risks, create a mitigation plan for it. But yes don't have paralysis of analysis, successful business never runs on exhaustive analysis though should have adequate analysis.

On the other hand, Job should be done by people who want to enjoy the liberty of being working for fixed hours and want to grow in a career as a professional but in a secured environment.

I always say

Job is 8 hours business and business is 24 hours job!" The job will never give you security but it just gives you mental satisfaction that you will get your salary at the end of the month. You never know when it will be stopped due to any unforeseen circumstances, but is something similar to blind watchman saying

"All is well !!!!" Job is good for some cases where there are dependencies and you may not have adequate environment and support ( need not to be financial always ), as most of the businessmen create adverse situation diversified for their businesses.

At the end doing business is always fun as you are going to do everything for your own and is a worthwhile experience.

Happy reading and hope it motivates at least few people !!!

Rahul Gajanan Teni

Technology Consultant / Solution Architect

Austere Systems Private Limited