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E Quotation System

Problem Statement

  • Department of Panchayat, Haryana, faced challenges with outdated quotation processes, leading to delays and lack of transparency.
  • Manual processes were time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacked real-time visibility, reducing supplier engagement.
  • The reliance on manual procedures exacerbated the inefficiencies within the department's operations. These manual processes consumed valuable time and resources, as staff members were required to manually handle each step of the procurement process, from soliciting quotations to evaluating bids.
  • The absence of real-time visibility into procurement activities hindered the department's ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner.


  • E-Quotation Software modernizes the Department of Panchayat, Haryana's processes for efficiency and transparency. It automates document generation, maker-checker workflows, and notifications, integrates digital signatures, and streamlines bank payments.
  • Maker-checker workflows are integrated into the software, enabling a systematic review and approval process for quotations, thereby enhancing accuracy and accountability.
  • Notifications functionality within the software ensures that stakeholders are promptly alerted to any updates or changes in the procurement process, fostering better communication and coordination.
  • Integration of digital signatures enhances the security and authenticity of procurement documents, reducing the risk of fraud or unauthorized alterations.
  • The software streamlines bank payments, facilitating efficient and transparent financial transactions between the department and its suppliers.


  • The software enhances transparency, efficiency, and cost reduction in the quotation process, fostering stakeholder trust and accountability while optimizing resource allocation.
  • User-friendly interface and robust reporting tools facilitate informed decision-making, improving overall satisfaction and engagement among department personnel and suppliers.
  • The transparency provided by the software fosters trust among stakeholders, as they can track the entire quotation process from initiation to completion.
  • Accountability is enhanced through the software's audit trails and tracking mechanisms, which ensure that all actions taken within the system are recorded and attributable.
  • The software features a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and usability for department personnel and suppliers alike.
  • Robust reporting tools within the software enable stakeholders to access comprehensive data analytics and insights, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • These reporting capabilities contribute to overall satisfaction and engagement among department personnel and suppliers, as they can derive actionable intelligence from the procurement data collected by the software.

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