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Hafed Retail Project


Austere cloud-based application software for stores is playing an important role in enhancing productivity and efficiency at every Hafed store.

At Austere, We have designed and developed a cloud-based Retail POS Software & Mobile application for inventory management in retail stores that offers an easy-to-use interface and also comes with a lot of customization options. It comes with Multi-store management for managing a network of stores.

Manually managing inventory in stores is a time taking task so Austere provides this system to handle the whole process digitally. You can manage inventory at the company level, location level, and warehouse level for the network of stores.

Austere has successfully implemented this Retail POS Software & Mobile application for the stores of Hafed in Delhi, Haryana & Chandigarh, the largest apex cooperative federation of Haryana State in India. This process of automating the store’s operations at other locations is going on.

Presently, Hafed is managing the operations of stores on a manual basis. All the store activities including bill creation, purchase order, and store sales are done manually. This system is impacting the Hafed business and unable to track the activities of the stores. It has raised the problem of theft in Hafed funds and unable to bring transparency to in-store operations.

Austere’s Retail Web Application will help in automating the roles of the store operator as well as managing the data of customers, products, transactions, users for future purposes. This also digitizes the billing process for customers arriving at the stores. It will also ease the Hafed management activities by giving information and analysis on a single platform. All the manual billing/invoice process will be automated by introducing this software model.

Retail POS Software & Mobile Application at Hafed Stores by Austere Systems Pvt Ltd

Most of the challenges associated with store management arise from failing to follow best practices or relying on outdated manual methods for bill creation, purchase order and store sales, and other processes. Austere cloud-based application software for stores is playing an important role in enhancing productivity and efficiency at every Hafed store.

Austere Retail web application is brought automation in the store operation process and all activities are controlled by the web application. This application have certain Modules/User based role like Store operator, ERP/Admin, Hafed Management, SPOC, Backend Admin and Buffer. Each role has certain functionalities that control the operations of the store. The bill, invoice, receipts, and forms are now generating from the application and their information is stored in the database. The system is Multi-user and online. Major functionalities on the store are POS system, product list, cash deposit system, reports, and dashboard to view the information. This system minimizes the manual handling of the store and accuracy in the operations.

Mobile Application: The mobile application has functionality for store operators to generate the invoice for walk-in-customers by using a POS system and bills can be shared with the customers.


  • Multi-store management for managing a network of stores
  • Sales tracking, billing, and invoice generating
  • Track inventory efficiently with the system
  • Proper control over store inventory, supply chain & warehouse processes
  • Streamlined Staff Management
  • User-friendly interface and invoicing feature for retail stores
  • Provision to integrate several user accounts
  • Manage all the store processes with the utmost ease
  • Ensure efficient store management
  • Real-time reports and analytics

Benefits of Austere’s Retail POS Software & Mobile Application

  • It helps in automating the store operations like generating bills, making a new purchase to the store, generating customer bills, depositing daily collection, and raising complaints.
  • Admin can see all the major information of the functionalities happening in all stores like growth of a store, total sales, deployed staff, and dashboards of the stores.
  • It provides a single point of contact to track the overall growth of the stores. You can get all the information regarding operational timings, billing of the assigned stores.
  • It offers total control of staff deployed at stores. Admin can create new staff of stores and see the audit reports.
  • Automate the gate pass generation against the orders placed by the store and ease the process of order booking.
  • Using Mobile Application, stores can place customer orders from mobile devices in case of any web system failures. If traffic is high at a store, customer orders can be placed through the mobile application.

Track all the processes, and generate reports with just a single click, so management can make the right decision at the right time to save money and increase profit.


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