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Toilet Cleaning Monitoring System

Problem Statement

  • Ineffective monitoring of toilet cleanliness due to absence of real-time oversight, impacting hygiene and user satisfaction in Smart City Karnal.
  • Limited user feedback and lack of data-driven insights hinder efficient resource allocation for public toilet management, affecting sanitation goals.
  • There is a lack of robust mechanisms for collecting and incorporating user feedback regarding toilet cleanliness and service quality. Without meaningful feedback loops, authorities struggle to address user concerns promptly and make necessary improvements to enhance the overall user experience.
  • The absence of data-driven insights hampers the efficient allocation of resources for public toilet management in Smart City Karnal


  • Implement a digital Toilet Cleaning Monitoring System in Smart City Karnal, providing real-time cleanliness data. Include user feedback, geo-tagging of toilets, analytics for new construction, and real-time water availability monitoring for enhanced user satisfaction and informed decision-making.
  • Incorporate a user feedback mechanism into the monitoring system, allowing visitors to provide input on toilet cleanliness and service quality through mobile applications or interactive kiosks.
  • Implement geo-tagging functionality within the monitoring system to accurately map the location of public toilets across Smart City Karnal.
  • Utilize data analytics tools and predictive modeling techniques to analyze usage patterns and demographic trends, informing decisions regarding the construction of new toilet facilities in Smart City Karnal.
  • Integrate real-time water availability monitoring capabilities into the system to track water levels and usage patterns in public toilets.


  • Toilet Cleaning Monitoring System ensures timely sanitation responses through real-time monitoring, improving public health.
  • User feedback system enhances satisfaction and prompts cleaner, more user-friendly public toilets, fostering accountability and informed decision-making for sanitation infrastructure in Smart City Karnal.
  • The implementation of a user feedback system empowers visitors to provide input on toilet cleanliness and service quality, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability among stakeholders.
  • The integration of user feedback mechanisms promotes accountability and transparency in sanitation infrastructure management in Smart City Karnal.
  • The availability of real-time data and analytics insights enables informed decision-making regarding sanitation infrastructure development and maintenance.
  • The implementation of a comprehensive Toilet Cleaning Monitoring System promotes sustainable development by optimizing resource utilization and promoting responsible water management practices.
  • By monitoring water usage and promoting water conservation measures, authorities can minimize environmental impact and ensure the long-term sustainability of sanitation infrastructure in Smart City Karnal, contributing to the city's overall resilience and livability.

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