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Great products are the result of persistent development and rigorous testing. Today, testing is critical for enterprises to gain leadership, profitability and end-user satisfaction. They demand a strategic approach to testing for quality, automation, predictability and cost reduction. More importantly, customers want testing to deliver tangible results. Austere collaborates with customers to understand and exceed the end-users' expectations. Our expertise in independent and cost effective automated testing services across industries has made us a preferred partner for leading global enterprises. We employ an ROI-based testing approach to deliver a defect-free solution, by efficiently and effectively predicting and managing the risks.

The consulting services are outlined below:

 Quality and application lifecycle management
 Estimation and planning
 Change and risk management
 Agile delivery and testing challenges
 Test management tools
 Test automation and frameworks
 Metrics and reporting
 Test strategy and organization
 Test planning and estimation
 Test case design and development
 Regression approach
 Functional automation

Test automation

Pressures on budget, plummeting cycle times and increased focus on predictable quality make test automation a critical tool today. While test automation has many advantages, it can be a deterrent when employed before its time. The record and replay model does not work any longer. It is essential to have clear goals for automated testing and follow it with expert execution.

Manual Vs Automation Efforts

Manual testing is preferred where we have small set of requirements and we dont need to do many iterations of testing. Automated testing is preferred where we have to perform iterations of testing many times as in case of products where there are iterative releases or patches. There is huge advantage of automation over manual testing but is also involves some cost and efforts at initial level as well as there is also maintainance cost associated with automation.

Automated Process Model

 System Testing
 System Integration Testing
 User Acceptance Testing
 Regression Testing
 Usability Testing
 Performance Testing
 Test Consulting
 Automation Consulting
 Test Data Management
 Test Automation
 Product Testing
 Web Testing
 Agile Testing
 Mobile Testing

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