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Notification System

Problem Statement

  • Inefficient communication channels hinder effective dissemination of notifications in Haryana's Department of Panchayat, causing delays in reaching key stakeholders.
  • Lack of transparency and a centralized repository for past notifications lead to confusion and difficulty accessing critical information within the department.
  • The absence of a centralized notification system leads to fragmented processes for issuing and distributing notifications across different departments and regions, exacerbating communication challenges and hindering effective coordination and response.
  • The department lacks a transparent mechanism for documenting and archiving past notifications, making it difficult for stakeholders to access historical information, track changes in policies or regulations, and stay informed about relevant updates and announcements.


  • Notification System for the Haryana Department of Panchayat. It offers a user-friendly interface, WhatsApp integration, centralized repository, and chatbot functionality for efficient communication and retrieval of past notifications.
  • Develop and deploy a dedicated notification system tailored to the specific needs of the Haryana Department of Panchayat. This system serves as a centralized platform for creating, managing, and disseminating notifications to stakeholders across various levels of the department.
  • Design the notification system with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and distributing notifications. Intuitive features and navigation ensure that departmental staff can easily access and utilize the system to communicate important information effectively.
  • Integrate the notification system with popular communication platforms such as WhatsApp to enhance accessibility and reach among stakeholders.
  • Establish a centralized repository within the notification system to archive past notifications, circulars, and official communications.


  • Streamlined communication processes through the Notification System, improving conveyance of important announcements to targeted stakeholders.
  • Centralized repository and integration with WhatsApp for easy access to past communications, resulting in enhanced transparency, cost savings, and better decision-making.
  • The centralized repository within the Notification System, coupled with integration with WhatsApp, enhances transparency and accessibility to past communications and official announcements.
  • Stakeholders can easily access and retrieve historical information, track updates, and stay informed about departmental activities and initiatives.
  • By consolidating communication channels and leveraging digital platforms such as WhatsApp, the Notification System reduces reliance on traditional methods of communication, such as printed notices or manual distribution processes.
  • Easy access to past communications and notifications enables stakeholders within the department to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.
  • The ability to reference past announcements, policies, and directives supports effective planning, implementation, and evaluation of departmental initiatives, leading to more strategic and informed decision-making processes.

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