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Soil Health Testing

Austere a Soil Testing Company is a leader in agricultural soil testing. Austere delivers quality, right examination, significant data and correct analysis for any soil sample. We are providing valuable info and innovative solutions to enhance the selections and profit of farmers.

What is Soil Health Card?

Soil Health Card scheme is a scheme introduced by the government of India in February 2015.Under the program, the government target to issue soil cards to farmers which can carry crop-wise recommendations of nutrients and fertilizers needed for the individual farms to assist farmers to enhance productivity through well-advised use of inputs. All soil samples are to be tested in different soil testing labs across the country. Thereafter the experts analyze the strength and weaknesses (micro-nutrients deficiency) of the soil and suggest measures to deal with it. The outcome and suggestions are displayed in the cards. The government of India plans to provide the cards to 14 crore farmers.

Process of Soil Health Testing
  • Soil Health Card Data Collection:- PDF with Land details are collected and corresponding farmers are associated with samples to save sample testing cost.
  • Soil is sent for testing
  • Soil Health:- Test data is stored and is ready to upload.
  • Data Uploaded to MIS regarding:- Farmer Creation, Crop Creation, Test Result, Submission, Fertiliser Submission
  • Sent for Soil Health Card generation.
  • Soil Health Card Printing.

Herein this project Austere Systems has developed automation programs for SHC’s. With the help of these programs, we are uploading test results of samples, the addition of farmers, fertilizer submission and downloading of SHC cards. Austere Systems do have state of the art high-end IPC, infrastructure & soil testing team set up which had successfully tested more than two lakhs samples of UP Govt.

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