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Welcome to the ASPL’s Profile


At Austere, we believe in precision, quality, and satisfaction. Our dedicated team comprises 200+ passionate employees with over 6 years of experience, specializing in domains such as Data Analytics, customized ERP solutions, website development, mobile app development, design services, and L1/L2 support. To date, we have successfully delivered more than 100 projects for various small and large enterprises. We take pride in offering fast, personalized, and affordable web-based solutions, catering to both small-scale and large-scale projects. Our flexible engagement model ensures stability, and our expert team of developers possesses in-depth knowledge of the technologies they work with.

Who we are?

It all started in 2013 when our company was named as Austere Technology, it has been a long journey since then and today what we are at present as Austere Systems is because of our sharp designers, brilliant engineers/developers and poised business developers. With clients around the globe, we have made a presence in the lives of millions of people by our products and services delivered.

Today we have a team of over 200+ highly qualified professionals. We have sustained a growth rate of 100% annually fueled by the high delivery standards we maintain and pride in. Within a time span of just 7 years we have successfully delivered over 100+ projects to our respected clients world wide.

Our Vision

Innovation by Invention, It is like implement new innovative methods for solving our client problems and invent solutions to it.

Our Mision

At Austere Systems , We all are aligned for mission to partner with all our clients independent of their size of business and revenue, optimizing situational awareness, security, decision making and efficiency for their critical operations, through innovative and integrated solutions.

Our Value

We value our clients, understand their business,team accomplishments and integrity in everything we do.


Services We Provide

  • Web Application Development
  • Real Store Ops Application (POS)
  • POC & RFP
  • Process Automation
  • Manual & Automation Testing
  • AWS/AZURE/GCP Cloud deployment and Management
  • Salesforce , Service Now and SAP deployment

Why Austere?

  • Time-tested business model.
  • Diverse domain competency.
  • SAP BO certified partner.
  • Strong technical expertise.
  • Reliable and consistent communication.
  • A flexible pricing model tailormade to the individual needs.
  • Over 100 satisfied client globally.

Our Strengths

  • Single point of contact for all your needs.
  • Dedicated team of over 75+ experts
  • A commitment to quality and generation of value.
  • A domain knowledge pool across multiple business domains.

Services Portfolio

We continuously add the latest trends and technologies to our service portfolio as the internet market evolves and new technologies are added to the IT pool. We understand that technologies evolve and our business model allows us to evolve with them to ensure that you get the advantage of the latest at all times.

  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Application Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Management
  • L1/L2 Support Centre
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing/SEO
  • IT Staffing Augmentation
  • Soil Testing & Analysis

Mobile App Development

More than 90% of the world’s population today has mobile phones.This creates a whole new channel of communication to your end user.At the Austere,we help you maximize this advantage by integrating the mobile world into your existing business processes.If you have an existing application or are planning for one, we help you integrate this.

  • Android Phone/Tablets

We have earned both recognition and experience having developed applications for the latest version of Android for developing apps we offer both scalable and flexible apps with stunning graphics supported by our strong design backbone.

A total of 12 dedicated Android and iOS developers having proficiency in developing native and hybrid apps(React Native) having hands on experience with the latest technologies and trends in the current market. Having developed B2B, B2C, social networking, financial domain, video chat and collaboration tech apps there is nothing we cannot take on.

  • IPhone and Ipad

With more than 4 years in IOS app development our team has provided some revolutionary app solutions to our customers. If you have an idea our team can give it life on an iPhone or iPad! Equipped with the latest in technology our IOS development team constantly upgrades itself to ensure we remain at the top of our game.

Web App Development

We have proficiency in both open source and proprietary development platforms. When you visit us, we understand that your endeavor is an investment, we analyze your business & budget needs and devise a solution for you which provides you with the best business advantage at the cost you had in mind, thus ensuring positive returns on your investment at all times.

Our core development teams are complemented by our integrating these into the core web technologies we deliver the tactical edge to our clients which helps them generate more revenue by increasing the customer experience, product recall and brand value to the existing business.

  • PHP

We have delivered over 50+ exceptional PHP websites and applications. Strong PHP Core and Framework expertise including Codeigniter.

Extensive experience in custom PHP and open source CMS like wordpress and delivering solutions in various domains such as e-commerce, realestate, restaurants and several other business solutions.

Web App Development logo

  • Node.JS

Having built not just websites but robust web applications covering the entire width of the business administration from sales, attendance, product management to HR services we prize our development team’s capabilities.

We have developed a social networking website (INDYBUILD) is a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talent and connect with their fans.

Business Model

Our business model engages the clients in accordance with their business requirements and the project at hand.Tuning in to the existing business models to ensure that client goals are met with within the Direct Measures of Quality specified by the clients.

At Austere Systems we believe each individual need is unique, our business models are developed with this philosophy in mind.

  • Fixed-Price Time Model

When the client has a clear scope of project in mind our business analysts and project managers work with the client to define specific deliverables and timelines which are then converted to a mutually agree price for the project. With the involvement of the development manager from the first day the process guarantees predefined performance and delivery. With the budget clearly defined the client can plan their overhead in line with project delivery.

  • Austere’s Hourly Rate Model

At times the client has an idea which needs to be developed into a project,this is where our hourly rate project model come handy. Also, when the client application needs minor enhancements over time they prefer this model. A project manager along with the business analyst provides and hourly sheet per requirement which when approved by the client moves forward to development.

  • Austere’s Dedicated Teams Model

High turnover applications and turnkey projects deserve a dedicated team working towards its development and maintenance.

This model provides for a dedicated team of experts working only on the one project continuously. This provides for an always on support team which understands the huge application inside and out and can step-in and delivers as soon as a need presents itself.

All of our major clients/business partners opt for this model,the team working with them shares the same relationship with them as if they were under direct employment.

  • Austere’s Maintenance Model

Our maintenance model allows you to benefit from ourservices at a cost upto almost 50% of our regular service charges.

This is the perfect investment in your website instantly giving your returns. Buy hours in advance from us and get your work done as and when you require it.We make sure that we deliver the same quality and response everytime.

Each task is appraised and the hourly estimates are approved by the client beforehand. Any hours that are not used up are carried over to the next cycle.

Development Model

The Austerian’s Development model provides a structured framework aimed at delivering a high quality solution to the client. Our development model has been refined over a period of time. This business model takes the best of industry practices like Agile and Rational Unified Process and benchmarks the best approach achieve maximum performance and highest quality.

  • The Austerian’s Transparent Development Model

Our software development model ensures that the customer is involved at all stages of development and transparency is maintained.

By keeping the customer involved we ensure a satisfactory product in all phases of software development. It allows the customer to understand the core at development and a part of the Austerian team. Here we make you feel not just a part of the action but also leading from the front.

Our development model places the customer at the helm of the process thus raising the confidence and returns from the product delivered.

    Development Phases

1) Planning: Clients usually have an idea of what they want as the end result,but not what the software should go. Our skilled and experiences experts help the clients define the software requirements and scope thereby generating a clear map for the client and our development teams.We it is this step where we generate maximum value for the clients.

2) Implement: All plans are as good as their implementation; we understand that and our software experts ensure that we follow the code to the letter. Our Quality team ensures that defects are recognized as soon as possible.

3) Deployment and maintenance: One the product is accepted by the client we move towards deployment. Our support teams ensure that the applications have the right environment for the applications and take care of any eventualities. Our CRM team keeps an eye on the latest trends and updates our clients continually on how to improve their applications, adding value to your business even after the product has been delivered.

Development Model

Outsourcing Model

It is a challenge to keep track of emerging technologies and deploy them effectively to fuel your growth. Outsourcing helps you manage this challenge. Organic growth can be expensive, we help you grow virtually!

Our outsourcing/private label model organic growth is not always the best option. This model provides for an extension to your current capacity thus adding a virtual task force, domain and technology expertise to your organization instantly. With Austere as a business partner you can be assured of one time delivery and an instant increase of your business! From Design, Application development to Internet marketing under this model we deliver with your stamp on it.

Outsourcing is not a necessity it’s a phenomenon now. It is a well established fact that outsourcing is having a positive impact on the world economy at large. Some of the many benefits that are entailed in outsourcing are the savings in costs, improved quality, and access to talent that is untapped and is available at a lesser wage, reduction in the time to market, tax benefits and also the much hallowed concept of commodification. Inspite of some minor deterrents, outsourcing is the way forward for the developed as well as the developing countries.The skilled workforce that is available in these emerging markets is very much at par if not exceeds those of other markets. Offshore outsourcing is an lucrative business model that helps global IT and software companies to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage.

Outsourcing Benefits

  • Concentration on the core business operations.
  • Gaining additional pace in providing complete services to customers by providing framework through outsourcing.
  • Building confidence in organizations to venture into new area of business.
  • Offshore outsourcing is cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times,and minimizing customer attrition through non-local outsourcing.
  • Experienced support for IT Re-skill of remaining staff on more marketable skills and services Reduced operating costs.
  • Optimization of system management &support processes.
  • Enhancement of project management and service delivery.
  • Time saving (for more important tasks).

Quality promise

We go the extra mile for you to do ordinary things in unique ways! With us we promise you quality and can be assure that you always get what was promised to you and more.

We Deliver Value By Delivering Quality!

Quality is in the core of our value and it reflects in everything we do. Our leaders along with a dedicated independent quality control team monitors and alerts at every step of our production.

Quality principles: Three principles dictate the quality analys is and parameters.

1) Fit for purpose: The quality analysis begins right from the planning stage ensuring that the product should be suitable for the intended purpose.

2) Right first time: We believe even a small glitch as cost us client or even worse cost our client their brand equity,we ensure that any mistakes should be eliminated before deployment.

3) Total Quality management: We believe quality should be reflected in not only the end product but the processes and the people that are involved with the development of the product.

Our QM techniques include

  • Functional & regression testing
  • GUI and Usability testing
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Security testing
  • Systems integration control and much

Key Processes

  • Full-cycle quality assurance testing
  • Document and code review
  • Defect tracking
  • Process monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Configuration management
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