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Document Management system

Digitalize all your documents and streamline data at one place for easy and quick retrieval anytime from anywhere. Get better control over sensitive documents and relish your peace of mind.

Today when the commercial property costs are increasing, physical piling of various documents has become a big pain for all organizations. Also, the safety of sensitive data is a major concern.

If you are facing these problems and wasting a lot of time to store and track heaps of paper documents, it’s time you replace the bulky cabinet files with Document Management System (DMS) by Austere Systems Pvt. Ltd.

DMS is an excellent document management software that helps boost your business efficiency, increase productivity, reduce expenditure, cost, and clutter of maintaining paper records, become more organized, and brings many benefits to your organization.

Document management system i.e. DMS, is the utilization of computer systems and software to store, manage, and retrieve electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information eg. forms and faxes. Using this system, organizations can store, track, and manage piles of documents from any time anywhere any place. DMS stores all documents of any format in the repository for security and quick retrieval.

Benefits of using Document Management System

  • Better internal operations
  • Enhanced safety of documents
  • Decreased Storage
  • Excellent Collaboration tools
  • Freedom
  • Convenience
  • Peace of Mind
  • Enhanced and regulated document distribution
  • Enhanced & faster searches in less time
  • Professional growth


Reduce time and costs of searching & retrieval of documents

Maintain intellectual capital & organizational knowledge

Document Management System secures your digital assets

Reduce physical document storage & movement

Implement best practices for Document Management

Improved regulatory compliance of an organization

What does ASPL Document Management System do for you?

Document management system (DMS) creates a highly valuable repository of collective information which improve decision making and knowledge creation and increase enterprise productivity.

In simple terms, Austere Systems Pvt. Ltd. Document Management System software is a solution that enables the digital management of documents. It is a framework that makes easy the administration of documents and reports used to manage, track, and store archives. Admin can track and store all documents in a central location using DMS over the intranet of your organization or on the cloud. DMS is an easy to use and cost-effective solution for your document management needs. DMS empowers business organizations to have complete control over their organization’s documents and maintain the safety and integrity of the information.


  • Document Security

    Document security is vital to every enterprise. DMS’s Strong access control ensures that the documents do not fall in the wrong hands. The admin can create a new user for the document management system. He can select the role of the user and accordingly add the user to the database. Once the user is created the user will be able to log in through their respected role. He can choose not to give access to a user for a particular set of documents. The admin can view each user and the can monitor the activities of the users. Admin can delete and manage the documents from the admin portal itself. Group of users can be added by the admin.

  • Document Upload & Formats

    A document management system is a product that helps the users to upload the documents in a proper format. Each specific user will be allotted storage space by the admin. The user can upload documents of any format and can view the document, download it at any time, and can delete it.

  • Collaboration

    DMS is meant for collaboration between different teams and users in your organization. The admin can create a group in which the admin can add users. Admin can view the number of users in the group and can remove the users from the group. The admin can delete the whole group.

  • Search & Retrieval

    DMS provides an easy search feature that allows users to get access to the documents they need immediately. You get a single field in which you can enter your search phrase and DMS will give you the results across all documents where the phrase occurs.

  • Anywhere Anytime

    With ASPL document management users are free to work wherever they want. All digital documents are always accessible in a secure and reliable environment for authorized users.

  • Time-Saving

    When it comes to work, time is practically as important as the currency of your paycheck. The more time you have at work to do what matters, the more wisely you can use it. DMS saves your company time and increases productivity.

Why do you need a Document Management System?

  • Quick & Easy Access

    Sometimes it seems impossible to find the right document when you need it. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? What if it didn’t matter? With DMS users organize everything based on what it is, so they never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one. Users just need to know what document they are looking for and not where to look for.

  • Increase Productivity

    Our Document Management System (DMS) maintains all documents in a centralized repository which always remain available with the proper security to access those records – whether that user is in your office, in the building next door or on the other side of the planet. It increases staff productivity by cutting down the amount of time to search for documents.

  • Reduce Costs

    Document management produces a variety of cost savings by reducing the use of paper, files, bulky filing cabinets, and toner. It is easy to save thousands of rupees annually by simply implementing our Document Management System which will speed things up for your employees.


  • Reduce time and costs of searching & retrieval of documents
  • Maintain intellectual capital as well as organizational knowledge
  • Implement best practices for Document Management
  • Reduce physical document storage & movement
  • Secure your digital assets
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
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ASPL Document management system (DMS) creates a highly valuable repository of collective information which not only helps in cost-cutting but also improve decision making and knowledge creation and increase enterprise productivity.


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