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Photo Management System

With ASPL Photo Management System, store all your photos or images in organized sections, making them easy to recall. With proper tagging, it lets users locate image files quickly, and thus helps in saving a lot of time.

Today in this digital era, all people, professionals, amateurs, or organizations are consuming and generating digital photos and images at an incredible volume which results in a huge collection. Taking control and managing of these photos/images collection is very difficult without using a Photo Management Software.

Photo Management System by Austere Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers a platform to centralize, organize, view, distribute, and track all of your digital images and photos. It allows an admin to take control over how images/photos should be managed, used, and shared. Using PMS anyone can stores photos in organized sections inside a data library, making it easy to recall specific photos. It is both a software tool and a repository for image files.

Photo Management System can be used by any person or organization who wants to have control over their huge amount of photos’ collection to view, organize, centralize distribute, and track. It could be most helpful for photographers to improve their services to customers over the internet.

Benefits of using Photo Management System

  • Centralize storage of Photos
  • Workflow Automation
  • Secure sharing and distribution
  • Manage digital rights efficiently
  • Printing on a single click
  • Archiving & Backups
  • Usage tracking
  • Time Saving
  • User Friendly



Whether a photo/image belongs to a person like- his/her marriage or organizational, security is vital to everyone. PMS’s Strong access control ensures that the photos do not fall in the wrong hands. The admin (who can be anyone eg.- photographer, employer, or team leader) can create a new user or group for the photo management system. He can select the role of the user and accordingly add the user to the database. Once the user is created the user will be able to log in through their respected login details. He can choose not to give access to a user for a particular set of photo album. The admin can view each user and the can monitor the activities of the users. Admin can upload, delete, and manage the multiple photo albums and can provide access to the customers from the admin portal itself. Group of users can be added by the admin.

Central image library

A Photo management system is a product that helps the Admin/Photographer to upload the photos & images in one centralized place and create multiple photo albums to share with their specific user/customer or group. Each specific user will be allotted storage space by the admin. The user can add members to the group by requesting access from the admin to share photos & images with others.

Share photos/images simply & securely

With PMS, anyone can share photos collection simply and securely. It’s security features used by admin make sure that your images are always in safe hands when distributing to your friends, team, or external partners. It gives hassle-free image sharing experience to the users.

Instantly Accessible & User Friendly

Using PMS, Users can find and access images in a matter of seconds with features like advanced search and metadata support. Also, users can add caption status by tapping anywhere within the photo and can share within the group.

Easy to use

Users can view all the images in a proper album view and can download the image anywhere. They can rearrange images within the albums and can easily share any particular photo album with any specific person after adding them to the group with the approval of admin.

ASPL Photo management system (PMS) creates a highly valuable organized repository of photos & pictures and ensures security and privacy while sharing them with others over the internet. It gives full control in the hand of the users to utilize it as they want. OUR TECHNICAL TEAM CAN ALSO CUSTOMIZE PMS ACCORDING TO YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NEEDS OR REQUIREMENT AT ANY TIME. For a free demo call us at +91 7720083881 / 7774008981

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