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Visitor Management System

Digitalize your workplace with TOUCH-FREE CHECK-INS. Track the real-time status of the visitors who are entering your office premises for a safe and secure workplace.

  • For every organization, controlling and managing visitors’ access plays such a vital role in security.
  • One of the primary steps towards security and safety is keeping an update of who is within the building.
  • Whether the building is a hotel, school, hospital or any other location security is always a major concern.

ASPL Visitor Management System is the most useful and intuitive smart visitor and meeting management system that allow total control of your visitors, meetings, security, emergency alerts, internal communication, especially during the current COVID-19 scenario.

Visitor Management System is an excellent means for achieving the desired security & controls. It allows the visitors to check-in digitally eliminating the hectic paperwork and also maintains the logs of a visit’s duration, frequency, and other meeting details.

ASPL Visitor Management System keeps track of people entering and exiting the premises. It keeps records of visitors’ important information like name, address, phone number, photograph, people they are visiting, and so on.


  • Ease of use
  • Notifications
  • Visitor Photo Capture
  • Manage the list of visitors online
  • Safe & Secured Data
  • Software Integrations
  • Works with common hardware options
  • Preregistration and Repeat Visitor Features
  • Real-time visitor log
  • Real-time dashboard analysis

Why do you need to invest in ASPL Visitor Management System?

COVID-19 pandemic is moving like a wave with no way of knowing when normality will return. During this time safety of staff and office premises is an important factor for every organization. So, it is necessary to keep track of people who enter and visit in working hours.

Visitor Management System is a perfect solution to make sure that visitors abide by the safety rules and regulations and helps to record their visit details in a proper manner.

The main benefits of implementing a visitor management system are:-

  • It increases the safety of people visiting or working at any building or office.
  • To keep paperless records of people entering your premises.
  • Helpful to trace people during pandemic.
  • VMS increases the productivity of people.

Keep your locations safely open during COVID-19 pandemic

As per the new government social distancing regulations, organizations and businesses have to follow with restrictions on the number of visitors they can work with. ASPL Visitor Management System can be very helpful to trace the people properly so that you can Keep your locations safely open during this pandemic of COVID-19.

No matter an organization is Big or Small, the protection of its employees and the workplace is most important. Contactless check-ins are today’s necessity and will be the future of modern offices. With ASPL Visitor Management System both employees & guests can check-in safely, reducing the risk of infections.

A software-based, easy-to-deploy Visitor Management System

Austere Visitor Management System (VMS) is a software-based, easy-to-deploy, and purpose-built for the needs of schools, hotels, Societies, and any other office. It does not need expensive, clunky hardware requirements. VMS can be implemented easily by our team as per need in any office building.

We know that the top priority of any organization is to create a safe and secure environment. Visitor paper books fail to maintain accurate visitor history for safeguarding, create a lot of data work for your admin team, and are old fashioned at your reception.

That’s why we created a visitor management system that can be implemented for schools, hotels, and any other office building, ensuring safeguarding while providing a great user experience and affordable cost to meet our clients’ budgets.

Paper Visitor Book V/s Visitor Management System

Paper Visitor Book
  • Records stored in a physical form are prone to damage and loss.
  • Books are difficult to manage and search.
  • Records stored on log books are susceptible to theft and non-compliance.
  • No ways of sharing legal documents e.g. Visitor ID via visitor log book.
  • Sharing of the records without physically copying them is not possible.
  • It is impossible to maintain visitors’ activity reports.
  • Fail to give visitors a good first impression.
  • Fail to provide an instant list of visits to a particular visitor.
  • Difficult to store visitor information such as photo.
  • Old-fashioned and inefficient.
  • Visitor log books are ineffective to check during an emergency.
Visitor Management System
  • No worries of damage and loss of information.
  • It provides a paperless & easy to maintain process.
  • It ensures the safety of information of visitors against theft and non-compliance.
  • Easily store visitor’s information such as photo and ID in digital form.
  • History of all the visitors can be found out on just a few clicks of the system.
  • Interactive dashboard to maintain visitors' activity reports.
  • Delivers an outstanding first impression to visitors.
  • Complete and accurate reports for any specific visitor’s visits.
  • It ensures a safe and secure work culture for any organization.
  • Keep your data secure and compliant with GDPR.
  • Get the information you need quickly during an emergency.

ASPL VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is all about helping any organization better by increased competitiveness, better resource utilization, and increased productivity. We provide solutions that change and grow together with your business and you get the most out of your resources. We focus on simplicity and superior user experience. OUR TECHNICAL TEAM CAN ALSO CUSTOMIZE ANY MODULE ACCORDING TO YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NEEDS OR REQUIREMENT AT ANY TIME. For a free demo call us at +91 7720083881 / 7774008981

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